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 (Student Page, Grade 2)


Children’s Books about Apples

This web site gives a list of books about apples and also provides the author names for easy reference.


Johnny Appleseed coloring page

This web site has a coloring page with Johnny Appleseed and also challenges the student to find hidden items.


Counting Game with Apples and Worms

This is a counting game that uses apples and worms to help the students.


Apple Poems, Songs, Games, and Books

This web page gives a list of books about apples, some poems and songs about apples, and some activities to do to help learn about apples.


Coloring Pages, Arts and Crafts, etc

This page has arts and crafts, games, poems, finger plays, and recipes that all have to do with apples.


All about Apples web page

This page has many links to other pages about apples, including more information to learn, games to play, songs to sing, and many other things.


Apple Counting Game

This is a counting game that uses apples to help students get the right answers.


Apple Recipes

This web page has many recipes that students can use with their parents to cook apples.


Apple Snack by Paul Revere

This page has a great apple snack recipe that kids will enjoy.  It also can help them to learn about Paul Revere and his part in history.


Apple Songs

This page has many songs about apples that are sung to the tunes of other well known songs, such as Yankee Doodle.


Just for Kids

This web site has trivia about apples, recipes, and coloring books.


Baby Virginia Apple

This web site offers a comic strip about how an apple grows.


Apple Fun Page

This page has many fun games that all have to do with apples, including a word search and a connect the dots drawing.


Fun Recipes

This web site offers numerous recipes for kids that include making Popsicles out of apple cider.


Apple Games

This is a game that involves a moose trying to catch apples falling from a tree.





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