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 (Teacher Page, Grade 2)


Teacher Resources about Apples

This page offers a list of books that can help teachers get information on apples.


Planning a Lesson on Apples

This page is an actual lesson plan meant for a theme on apples for second graders.


Partner Game

This is a game that has students work in groups and study apples from the point of view of aliens.  It might need to be modified a little for second graders.


Dole’s Apple Page

Gives lots of good information on apples including history and types.


History of Apples

This page gives a brief history of apples.


Apple Themed Unit

This page gives a list of activities a teacher can use when doing a themed unit on apples.


Crafts, Print outs, Information, and Quizzes on Apples

This page has many activities that all center around apples.


A Year in an Orchard

This page talks about how apples are grown and gives a view of what happens in an orchard throughout the year.


Apple Themed Activity

This page has some ideas of activities to do on apples after reading the Dr. Seuss Book 10 apples on top.


Apple Page

This page gives lots of links to other pages about apples.


Apple Info

This page gives a list of information about apples and includes a neat scavenger hunt for students.


Teacher Apple Page

This page has lesson plans and other activities to do concerning apples.

Apple Theme Web Page

This is a great page for people wanting to do an apple themed unit.  It includes great ideas on how to introduce the unit to students.


Information about apples

This page gives many facts on apples.


Johnny Appleseed Page

This page tells the legend/story of Johnny Appleseed.




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