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All about Flowers!


Why flowers are important to me…

-•I enjoy the look and scent of flowers and I often decorate my room with them

•-I have worked at a flower shop for six years and still continue to do so

•-I would like to learn how to design more advanced arrangements



Different types of flowers....



-come in hundreds of varieties and colors

-can last up to seven days after being cut

-are popular choices for weddings


Baby's breath

-a tiny white flower that grows in clusters

-can be used as a fresh cut flower or a dried flower

-is often combined with roses




-come in many different shades

-are popular choices for funerals

-often last up to two weeks after being cut




-the most common type of daisy is actually a mum called a pomp

-these normally come in white, yellow or lavender, but can also be orange or red




-often used as a substitute for baby's breath

-has a blue or purple tint to it

-fresh cut limonium often has an unpleasent odor



How to Arrange a Dozen Roses

•First, strip the thorns and leaves off of the stems of each rose leaving only the top 4 inches of the stem untouched.

•Fill a vase with water and add about 4-5 stems of salal leaves. These will help hold your roses in place.

•Place two pieces of leather leaf  back to back in the middle of the vase. Then, place more leather leaf around the edge of the vase, letting the ends hang down over the sides

Next, place the tallest rose in the center of the vase between the two pieces of leather leaf.

•Place the next three tallest roses about 3 inches from the center rose in a circle.

•Place the next three roses between the first three, setting them about 3 inches outside of the first three.

•Place the remaining 5 roses about 3 inches to the outside of the last set of three in between the roses. You should have one empty spot, which is where the bow will be placed later.

••Place more stems of leather leaf between the roses, filling in all empty spots.

•Take stems of tree fern and place along the outside to make the arrangement look fuller.

•Finally, place a bow in the empty spot mentioned earlier.





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