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Activities to Help Teach About Apples

For Grade 2


Make an apple book:

- cut out pages shaped like apples

- hand each child a piece of paper, ask them to draw a picture of an apple on each

- help each child write a fact about apples that they learned

Attach all pages and have each child read his or her page out loud.  



   Have an apple Day

-encourage students to dress up like the color of their favorite apples (red, green or yellow)

-have students bring in an apple

-create caramel apples or applesauce out of the student's apples

-play apple themed games, such as pin the worm on the apple, or apple facts bingo

-read the Dr. Seuss book "Ten Apples on Top" and practice balancing "apples" (red beanbags) on heads 



Have an online apple scavenger hunt

-if computers are available, have each child assigned to a computer or group students

-have students go to Yahooligans (a "just for kids" search engine, the content is monitored)

-make out a list of  questions, have students use the internet to find the answers

* this can also be used to help students learn to use search engines

*Education World has a printable scavenger hunt form available.



Integrate apples and math

-cut up an apple and show halves, fourths, and so on

-show adding and subtracting fractions by grouping apple slices

-take a survey of students on which color of apple they like best

-show students how to graph the number of people who chose red apples as their favorite, and so on

-show students how graphing can show us which apple is most popular as a favorite



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